Math Class

In addition to our exploration into the mathematics with OdysseyWare, we'll also be working with numbers and analytical thinking through financial dealings, various problem-solving scenarios, and real-world algebraic equations.

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Here are some wonderful sites for additional homework help:

Absurd Math
Math Games and Activities for Kids (great for 7th grade and ^)

Professor Freedman's Math Help (for Algebra)
APlus Math Games
BJ Pinchback's List of Math Help links (all levels)
Math (dot) com (mostly Algebra help)

Algebra Homework Help (also pre-algebra)
Practical Algebra Lessons (GREAT site, also for pre-algebra!)
Elementary Algebra (beginning of Algebra help)
Scientific Notation

Rader's NumberNut (math practice games for 5th-6th grades)
Cogito (not just math! Super-cool site for young thinkers!)
Math Playground (basic math facts for practice)


Math Jokes (real groaners)

Which knight helped King Arthur build his Round Table?
Sir Cumference!

Why was six afraid of seven?
Because 7 ATE 9!

A female angle and a male angle had a baby. When it was born, they said:
He's such acute angle!

What happened to the plant in math class?
It grew square roots!

What are ten things you can always count on?
Your fingers!

Why was the obtuse angle upset?
Because he was never right!


What did the math book say to the student?
You've got to solve all my problems.